Marks and Spencer

AnchorCert Analytical were commissioned by high-street retail giants, Marks & Spencer, to develop a brand new testing methodology to assess the reactivity of metals used in jewellery, to help reduce the likelihood of an adverse skin reaction.

From their findings, the M&S team were able to change customer experiences, their jewellery specification and even their manufacturing process.

The data AnchorCert Analytical provided to M&S, following testing against DermaKind™, enabled technologists and buyers to minimise the usage and levels of common allergens, as well as lesser known allergens; by using more non-reactive metals to eliminate irritation.

The result is a new range – M&S SkinKind™ - jewellery, which has been designed to be extra kind to sensitive skin.

Every product within the M&S women’s jewellery collection is now subject to this level of testing and the testing process has now been added to M&S Plan A (the high street retailer’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility policy).