- It's impossible to guarantee to anyone that they will not have an allergic reaction to any element; there are many variables including the level of sensitisation to consider. What we can advise is that jewellery tested with DermaKind™ significantly reduce the likelihood of a reaction caused by metal allergies.

 - Although we cannot guarantee that you will not have an adverse reaction, we can confirm that the vast majority of the UK population should be able to wear DermaKind™ jewellery, including those who may have been sensitised or had negative reactions previously.

 - You can buy jewellery tested with DermaKind™ at any Marks & Spencer's retailing their women's SkinKind jewellery range. As more retailers apply this test, we will add to our stockists list on this site. Alternatively, you can sign up to our database and we'll send you updates on DermaKind™, straight to your inbox.