Should I do a patch test?

We recommend everyone do a patch test for any new product used on the skin.

The recommended way to do this is by placing a drop on the crease of the inside of your elbow, cover it for 48 hours and if no reaction is found then you should be good to go.

Are the oils you sell Organic?

Yes Every single oil we sell is Organic

Are your Organic Oils tested on animal?

No, never! Our oils are cruelty free, each oil is also Kosher and Halal.

What does cold pressed mean and why is it important?

Cold pressed means that the ingredients in our oils are not exposed to high temperatures or chemicals during the extraction process.  This means that natures goodness and nutrients are plentiful and not destroyed.  Quality is key.

Why are your oils in black bottles?

Quality retention. Amber, blue or green bottles look great but our Black glass bottles block more light and preserve the oil for longer than any other coloured bottle.

How should I store my Organic oil?

We suggest you store your oil in a cool dark place.  Please remember to replace the lid/dropper before storing.

Can I recycle the packaging?

Yes, yes, yes please.  We have carefully selected the packaging for your products, even down to the type of sticky tape, to ensure it can be recycled.  The bottle is made of glass which is widely recycled, however we have not found a solution to the plastic dropper.  Please reuse the bottle after use, or even better purchase our refill bottles with a much more environmentally friendly cap (and its slightly cheaper).

I have a medically diagnosed skin condition, can I still use this oil?

We suggest you speak with your dermatologist or GP prior to starting any new skin care regime.  Never stop using prescription drugs without consulting with the appropriate medical professionals.


Where is my order?

Please check your emails as tracking information will have been provided.

I have changed my mind, can I return the item.

Yes of course, we accept returns. Please notify us within 14 days of receiving your goods that you wish to return the item, you then have another 14 to get the items back to us and we will issue you a replacement or refund as per your request.