What is metal-induced contact dermatitis?

What is metal-induced contact dermatitis?

Metal-Induced Allergic Contact Dermatitis (MACD), a form of skin allergy, which is usually non-reversible. So, once sensitised sufferers are likely to continue to have the allergy for life. 

As well as the significant effects for the sufferer, MACD also has major societal and economic impacts. Products which cause or trigger MACD can be damaging for brand reputation, resulting in business disruption, negative press and loss of public or consumer trust. Subsequent action, including managing product recalls, legal settlements and additional extra required testing, serve to further compound a negative situation, which is likely to be worsened by the probable loss of future sales.

DermaKind™, a unique test, available only from AnchorCert Analytical, seeks to reduce the effects of unreported MACD within the population. Many consumers assume that they simply cannot wear certain types of jewellery; they may even assume that they are allergic to Nickel. Whilst Nickel is the most prevalent cause of ACD, it is just 1 of 16 metals, identified as skin sensitisers and allergens. DermaKind™ tests for all 16 of these identified elements, whilst also providing compliance for Nickel levels in jewellery under REACH restrictions.

So, as a result, it is highly unlikely that a product marked as compliant under the DermaKind™ test methodology will trigger allergic reactions; even amongst the 20% of the population that already suffers with a skin allergy. This has been achieved by minimising the probability to nearly zero levels for a DermaKind™-compliant product to trigger an allergic reaction in already sensitised individual; thus, preventing both induction and elicitation phase.

DermaKind is fully validated for testing of the metal components of the following items:

  • Women's jewellery

  • Children's jewellery

  • Men's jewellery

  • Body piercings / accessories

  • Keyrings

  • Metal embellishments (clothing)

  • Metal finishing components (zips, poppers, clasps, buttons etc)

DermaKind can be applied to any metal, base or precious; therefore, given the scope of application, this new testing metholdogy could be instrumental in significantly reduce the prevalence of metal allergy in most of the population. 

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