Safer Jewellery Panel at International Jewellery London

Safer Jewellery Panel at International Jewellery London

Panel discussion facilitated by Rachael Taylor, respected jewellery journalist & co-founder of The Jewellery Cut.
Delegates: LtoR Professor Michael Rudenko, Birmingham Assay Office Sales Director Steve Hamon, Marks & Spencer's Jewellery Technologist Victoria Gallant and AnchorCert Analytical Technical Director Dippal Manchanda.


According to the European Surveillance System on Contact Allergy network, more than 20% of consumers suffer with Allergic Contact Dermatitis caused by adverse reactions to metal.  That’s 20% of the population that could be avoiding wearing fashion or fine jewellery due to metal sensitisation.  There is another way.

Marks & Spencer commissioned global base and precious metal experts, AnchorCert Analytical (Assay Office Birmingham’s consumer product safety laboratory), to create a unique testing methodology that would reduce the risk of allergic reactions caused by metal.

The result is DermaKind™, a revolutionary testing methodology, proven to reduce the risk of ACD caused by metal and now applied across all Marks & Spencer’s women’s SkinKind™ Jewellery ranges.

WATCH: Selected highlights from the panel, filmed on Monday 3rd September 2018.